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Article conçu par Marine Stéphan et Héloïse Valette, élèves de 3ème Amazone et 3ème Jourdain, Section Européenne

par C. Finas - Professeur d’anglais
déjà lu 543 fois depuis le vendredi 20 décembre 2013

The Irish theater company EITC (“Emerald Isle Theater Company”) came to our school to perform a play entitled « An Ultimate Decision » for the pupils of the European Section. There were four professional actors : Joel Brunt, Eilish McCarthy, Enda Reilly and Phoebe Mulcahy, and seven pupils actors : Sarah-Line Ali-Tardits, Marine Stéphan, Julie Hermant, Thomas Flament, Simon Jonval , Hugo Descamps and Moïra Christiann.

It took place on Monday, December 9th in 2013, from 2.30 pm to 5 pm, at the school gymnasium at Collège Val de la Sensée, a Secondary School in Arleux in the Northern part of France.

To begin with, The Summary of the day :

Before the play, at 12.35 pm, eight pupils were in the gymnasium to prepare it. At 1.30 pm, the theatrical troupe arrived. At 2.00 pm, the pupils-actors came to rehearse their role and twenty five minutes later, two pupils came to give the flyers at the entrance. At 2.30 pm, it was the beginning of the play. The end of the play was at 4.00 pm. After the play, at 4.05 pm, it was the afternoon tea : red tea and fruit cake / fingerbreads. After that, we started the interview of the troupe. After lots of questions, at 4.55 pm, it was the end of the interview.

So, this is the Interview :

Where do you live when you’re on tour ? Everywhere in France and every week, we have a new house.

Are you popular in France ? And do you enjoy meeting pupils ? Everybody : Yes.

Do you like your job ? Joel Brunt : Yes but it’s hard-work !

Do you get on well with the other actors ? Joel Brunt : NO ! I’m kidding, I love them so much ! Everybody : YES !

In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this job ? Advantages : We not only travel in many countries but also meet loads of people.

Disadvantages : Nevertheless, we don’t often see our family, our friends, … Sometimes, we have only one toilet, one bathroom for four and we don’t have any TV.

Have you ever played in other plays before ? Eilish McCarty : Yes, for example, I have played in “The Hero Returns” but I prefer playing Jess.

Who wrote the play ? It’s Xavier ! He has written 2 plays : “An Ultimate Decision” and “Zero to Hero”.

How can you describe your character in the play ? Eilish McCarthy : I like my character, she is very happy,... Enda Reilly : He is a nice guy, he likes girls, … Phoebe Mulcahy : She is a dreamy girl, she loves Rory, … Joel Brunt : I love playing my character because I love basting pupils.

In conclusion, to our minds, this play is funnier than a Shakespeare’s play, it is more dynamic than a play by Molière. The actors are younger than the plays by Corneille. This play is fantastic and extremely funny and the actors are dynamic. Moreover, during this play, you can regress to childhood. Finally, You can’t be bored and you must laugh.

By Marine and Héloïse

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Article conçu par Marine Stéphan et Héloïse Valette, élèves de 3ème Amazone et 3ème Jourdain, Section Européenne
Présentation de l’après-midi du 09 Décembre 2013 : Représentation théâtrale par la troupe EITC et interview des acteurs par les élèves de 4ème et 3ème section européenne


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